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Pet Dental Care

Your pet’s oral cleanliness is extremely important for their overall physical health. Dr. Crumley has a special interest in pet dentistry and will work closely with you to ensure that your pet has a healthy mouth, because it is so important!

Why Does Your Pet Oral Health Matter

When your pet’s mouth is unclean, tartar and plaque buildup on the surfaces of teeth and below the gum line. The toxins in this buildup leak into the blood stream, wreaking havoc on the internal organs that filter the blood and causing health issues like heart disease, liver disease, and kidney failure. You may have heard that oral health has a great effect on physical health—that is true! This is why the team at Heartwood Animal Hospital feel so strongly about providing thorough dental care to our patients.

Pet Dental Procedures

When your pet comes into Heartwood Animal Hospital for a dental procedure, we perform a complete oral check to identify the extent of cleaning required, as well as any problems that need to be addressed. The examination covers:

A complete dental cleaning involves removing the tartar and plaque buildup from teeth, including below the gum line, and polishing the surfaces of the teeth to prevent future buildup. New to our dental suite, is a state of the art digital dental x-ray system that we utilize on every dental procedure; whether it be a simple dental cleaning or a complex oral surgery.

Dentistry for Cats

At Heartwood Animal Hospital, we provide treatment options specifically for cats. We recommend that our feline patients maintain a proper diet to keep their teeth healthy. Cats are prone to developing cat-only oral infections called feline oral resorptive lesions which can erode into the nerve. Our feline friends are good at hiding how they feel and will usually not give any indication about the pain they are experiencing. Our team is particularly aware of the needs of cats.

At Home Oral Care

Whenever possible, we recommend maintaining your pet’s oral care in between visits. This helps minimize production of plaque and tartar and keep your pet healthy year round! Brushing your pet’s teeth is the most effective form of dental care, but there are other options if your pet is opposed to brushing. We may recommend gels, rinses, chews, or water additives, depending on your pet’s needs and preferences. Be sure to contact us about our recommendations, or ask us when you come in for your next visit!